PR/Media Relations

To help you build strong relationships with your target audience and create visibility we use strategic communication processes.

By working closely together, we co-create a completely tailored communications plan creating visibility for your brand in multiple media outlets. Some of the services we provide include: press conferences, media briefings, group and one-on-one interviews, press releases and photo releases. We’re also able to arrange spokesperson and media training and crisis management training for the senior management team.

We also have an a-la-carte price for the press release distribution service, should you already have a release that is ready to be shared with the media and consultation isn’t required.

Event Management

We believe that a well-orchestrated event appeals to all five senses. Together we will co-plan an event for your internal and/or external audience. Our support includes designing a theme, identifying the venue, selecting the presenters, sourcing entertainment and providing sound system and production services as well as organizing the catering. We provide a complete turnkey event management package that could be for 20 executives or 3000+ mini concert. Whatever the occasion is, our goal is to create a memorable event that communicates your brand.

Direct Marketing

Are you wanting to market or PR to niche market segment? Brand Now can support you with a direct marketing program. If you’re new to the market, we can help you identify the right target market via an informal or formal market research. Direct marketing is a targeted way to engage your audience and it is less resource intensive than a mass communication campaign. With the use of CRM, it can also build brand loyalty for your products and services. Some examples of the direct marketing services we provide are: buying list, cleaning list, direct mail, cross promotional activities, telemarketing and eDM.

Social & Digital PR

An effective way of reaching your consumers is by increasing your online presences. Today, many brands are now engaging their audience via multi-channels and enriching the user experience. Together we will co-create key messages, guidelines for your social media persona, initiate promotional campaigns to grab attention and help you build a community that resonate with your brand story.


Creating high quality content is crucial in attracting your customer’s attention. At Brand Now, we help you craft consistent and clearly defined messages that can be easily understood by your target audience. We are able to produce content for company’s brochures, flyers, scripts, speeches, website content, social media content and other marketing and PR materials.


To reach your target audience effectively when doing business in a foreign market, you want to be able to present content in multiple languages. We provide Thai-English and English-Thai translation services. Should you require translations in any other languages, we can also assist you.

App & Website

Your website is your virtual reception area or store front to your business. Having a well-designed and attractive website establishes credibility with visitors who are considering your products or services.

With mobile sales superseding desktops and laptops, many business now also have a mobile app to engage their audience. Apps are no longer just for big brands. SMEs are using it to make themselves more visible to their current and potential customers. Apps can serve as a marketing channel where customers could book the service, give feedback and manage a loyalty program. These are just a few options that’s possible when you have your own app.

Graphic Designs

Are you looking to revamp your logo, brochure or website to give your brand an updated look and feel? We understand that every business wants a visual identity that is easily recognizable, aligned with its brand values, plus create an impression. Brief us on the statement that you want to make with you logo or design and we will craft a lasting visual for your organization.

In addition to designing marketing collaterals, we can also help you make an invitation cards for your event, info graphic and much more.

Video has become the 2nd highest ranking search engine. It has over a billion users. There are 88 local versions and it is navigable in 76 languages, covering 95% of the internet population. Thus, video marketing for business and brands has become very vital as it increases traffic to your website and improves sales conversion. Having a video made to showcase you or your business is easier and faster than ever. It brings the storytelling to life and is great way to connect with your audience.