Market Entry & Launch

Are you a looking at launching your products or services in Thailand? Do you want cut through the clutter and make some buzz? At Brand Now, we have helped many brands launch in Thailand including Grab, Lalamove, ShopBack, KKday and others. With our experience and in depth knowledge of the local market, we will work closely with you to help you achieve your objectives and KPI, organize your launch, get you the publicity you need through media relations, introduce you to partners to amplify your brand and more.

Building a Digital Workforce
(Employer Branding)

Are you challenged with recruiting digital talent? There is rising demand for AI, Big Data, and Cloud Computing skills.  One way to attract, recruit and retain talent is through Employer Branding. At Brand Now, we will work with companies to promote them as the employer of choice to the desired target group.  This is done through various tools including media relations, social and digital PR, featuring your employees’ achievements and showcasing your company’s value. In partnership with LinkedIn, the professional platform can help identify the right candidate that will fit right in to your company culture. Contact us now for more information.

Executive Branding

Executive branding is one way to boost brand awareness and reputation for the company, build business partnerships and even attract potential investors and employees. At Brand Now, we work closely with executives to create a branding strategy that will enhance their credibility and publicity. Various tools including media relations, byline articles, speaking engagements are used to showcase the executive’s expertise, strength and passion.

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